Palestine Emergency Relief Fund

$198.00 - $246.00

Woven cotton blanket. Available in throw or queen size. Please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and shipping.

100% of profits from the sale of this blanket will be donated to the Palestinian Emergency Fund organized by Islamic Relief Canada. This organization also coordinates relief efforts in Yemen, India and Syria where there ongoing humanitarian crises taking place.


From Islamic Relief Canada:

“Palestine is once again facing a dangerous escalation in violence, with hundreds injured and in need of urgent support.

After suffering decades of violence and human rights violations, Palestinians continue to feel unsafe in their own country. The economy has been damaged by political instability and constant violence. The blockades cause chaos on a daily basis.

Even though tensions are extremely high and pandemic is ongoing, we are ready to help Palestine now. We will provide lifesaving care in areas where the health system is struggling to cope.

In Gaza the Islamic Relief team works extensively, providing vital medical supplies, sponsoring orphans, distributing Ramadan food packs, and personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of the healthcare workers.

The health system is under a lot of pressure due to staff shortages and lack of medical supplies. Show your support for the people in need by donating to our Palestine Emergency Relief. With your support, we can help end this pandemic equitably by providing personal protective equipment and vaccines throughout Palestine.

Around half of the people living in Palestine are in need of vital aid and water. Islamic Relief is on the ground working to support the people in need across the region. Help save lives now.”